Say goodbye to
stolen crypto.

Start protecting your crypto assets from
fraudulent activity in minutes.


Let's cut right to the chase.
No confusing crypto lingo.

Your funds returned,
even after being stolen.
Simple onboarding.
Peaceful protection.
Your security is our
top priority.

All controlled from a simple dashboard that even your grandma can use.

Protect your crypto
Swap your tokens
Swap your tokens
Step 1
your tokens
In seconds, your ERC-20 tokens
will be protected from being
Step 2
a dispute
We hope you don't get your funds
stolen, but if you do, simply Resolv
the transaction.
Step 3
Get your
crypto back
Once the Resolvrs have viewed the case and voted in your favor, your funds will be returned to a wallet of your choosing.
Frequently asked questions
We get it. It's a lot to take in.
Hope these FAQ's help.
Can I recover funds that have been stolen before using Resolv?
Unfortunately, Resolv's Protection Protocol is proactive and not retroactive. This means that any funds lost in the past, prior to protecting them with Resolv, are irrecoverable.
Is Resolv secure?
Yes, Resolv is secure. Funds are held in a multi-signature custodian wallet backed by Gnosis' industry-standard infrastructure. The private keys for the wallet are distributed amongst several trusted players in the industry and are not solely held by Resolv. So you can rest easy knowing that your assets are safe and no individual can run away with the whole lot.
How does this work?
Doesn't this go against the ethos of Crypto?
No. In fact, it embodies all that crypto stands for! Vitalik Beutrin explains that the goal of crypto was never to remove all trust. Instead, it is to give people the choice of whom to trust. Crypto should ultimately give "someone the power to do some things on your behalf without giving them the power to do everything." Multi-sig is a perfect expression of this. It assures users that their funds can be securely held and verified, without having to worry that one entity will run off with the pot.